How Much Does It Cost To Replace Condenser?

Cost for A New Condenser
Cost for A New Condenser

Depending on the condenser that you decide to replace as well as the brand that you are replacing it with you are looking at a price range of anywhere from $2000 to $5000.

So, If the unit is not that old then you can save a lot of money by repairing it yourself. You may also want to consider replacing the compressor because a new compressor will cost you a lot less than a whole new condenser unit.

If you decide to go to the new refrigerant such as R-410 you may have to replace your evaporator coil as well which will cost you a ton  of money which may never pay off unless your electricity rates are already very high.

Important To Match The BTU’s Of Condenser And A/H

But, despite what some company’s are continually trying to sell you, a new overpriced system will still be available if you get a leak in 20 years or less.

In general though, if the compressor you have isn’t locked up or burnt out then it is more practical to fix and depending on how old it is it  will be even less expensive than if you would have to put a new compressor on unless it is to old or isn’t in very good condition anymore.

Some things to look out for is a corroded coil or a rusted frame when you change the condensing unit. But the cost depends on what size the unit is as well as what Royal Palm Beach air conditioning would charge you to install it. You will be able to replace this as long as you have a 10 seer unit which is not a new install job. Besides that there is also an r22 unit that will at least be available for 10 more years, and you can also go with a unit that uses Freon instead of changing to one with r410 which in this case you will have to change both the condenser and the evaporator unit which will be a big hassle.


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